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What is the Kotka Booking Management System ?
Kotka booking management system

An automate solution for management of functional and conference halls operations to simplify planning, revenue & current asset tracking and engagement with customers.

The Booking system is a system that assists companies with booking software solutions customized to your specification for any type of service or business. Every client has different requirements which are why our booking system can be set up and customized to your exact specification

The booking system allows the staff or employees of the company to do bookings, create proforma/quotation invoices and tax invoices for their clients as well as keep records for their day to day activities.

Any company that deals with renting a product or services to users' example of these companies include Real estate’s companies and functional and conference halls.

This system can be integrated with other systems such as recruitment systems, Asset Management and inventory management system to mention a few.

Kotka Booking Management System features

Kotka booking management system is the most flexible functional and conference rooms booking system you'll ever find.

Staff and organizations services Management

This feature allows the organization to manage all the staff and services with ease. You can monitor staff availability and their assigned appointments as well as assign them to different services or resources


The system can generate both proforma/quotation and tax invoices for clients with just a few clicks of buttons and they can be sent to clients through the system or be printed in a portable document format (pdf).

Group Booking

The system allows the booking of more than one conference or functional halls bookings for one company at the same time. This gives the chance to the organization to accommodate companies that need more than one venue at the same time..

Tens of integrations

The system has the ability to integrate with other systems such as HRM & payroll system, invoicing system and accounting system, asset management, inventory management systems to mention a few

Kotka Booking Management System Benefits

Feature-rich Kotka booking management system for smart property operators.


Provides Actionable Insight

The system can generate analytics and reports that provide smart ways to use company data to make timely and future decisions. By reviewing bookings data, your company may be able to improve on operations. This will attract more clients.


Reduce staff overload

The system can guide the head of departments or supervisors to assign a responsible staff to handle bookings for that clients. This allows them to identify which staff is available and can be utilized in another task


Efficiency and Productivity

This saves time on the administrative business process and allows the organization to focus on getting the best out of their talents.


Employee and clients data organization

Improved organization of company's and clients data as they will be secured stored online and be accessed by authorised users only