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What is Kotka Membership Management System ?
Kotka membership management system

An integrated solution that provide member based organizations with tools for managing members, services, engagements and communications for informed decision making.

The membership management system is a system designed to provide associations, membership organizations, clubs or communities with the functionalities required to render their services to their members or organizations. The system can be customized to suit your business and organizational goals & needs.

The membership management system helps your organization to automate your daily membership activities such as membership registrations, upgrading and keeping all records safe and secure. The system can also send emails to members in bulk. Other important features in this system include event marketing and the ability to create surveys

Other important features in this system include event and email marketing, accounting and payment processing and the ability to create surveys.

The system can be used by professional industry associations, fitness centres such as gyms, Health clubs, libraries, event management companies or any organization that requires membership from the community.

Kotka Membership Management System features

Powerfully and easy to use features that simplify operations for your association, members, and staff

Membership management (subscription, payments, Invoicing, Service Management, Feedback)

This is a key feature in our system and can be customized to the end user’s needs. The membership subscription is the registration of any business or organization that needs access to a product or service while being a member of that organization or group. The payment is also integrated into the system for tracking and facilitating any membership payments. The invoicingthe system can generate an invoice for payments to be emailed to the organization member and feedback is a feature that allows member organization to give their feedback on various issues and propose a way forward.

Email Marketing

This is a very powerful feature that is included in our system that allows organization members to promote their business’s products and their services through the use of email. It can help make your customers i.e. organization members aware of your latest items or offers by integrating them into your marketing automation efforts. It can also play a pivotal role in your marketing strategy with lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships or keeping customers engaged between purchases through different types of marketing emails

Events Management

This feature automates and simplifies the entire event planning process. This is a feature in our system that allows event’s organizers to create an event and send invitation requests to all of their organization members by email or from their website. The link can be generated and shared with other organization members through other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp


This feature allows an organization to create simple and sophisticated surveys in a matter of minutes. This survey feature can help an organization to get insights that instigate growth from their organization members

Kotka Membership Management System Benefits

Membership management system that drives engagement and productivity


All-in-one access to your organization's data

the system is a unified system that meets both the administrative needs of your organization and that of your members. Staffs will have access to most of the organization’s data at any time and from anywhere

Generate more revenue for your organization

Streamlining the administrative side of the organization to generate better reports, the Kotka membership management system should help your team to save the amount of time spent running your organization and reach more members..

Boost members' engagement

The system enables your membership organization to better engage with your members, and members can engage with other members as well.


Efficiency and Productivity

The system simplifies and streamlines repetitive, day-to-day tasks with automated workflows. This saves time on administrative business process.


Intelligent insights

With our membership management system, the system can generate reports and analyses them for you to derive insights for decision making

Grow your membership faster and smarter

Foster member loyalty with continuous opportunities to network, learn, and share different opportunities and provide relevant services based on their interest.